Membership Details

Membership Details

For all members the annual Membership Subscriptions run from February 1st of each year and end on January 31st the following year.

For new members, some reduction to the Subscription rates are made from July onwards each year to take into account the time of year when you join and the reduction in opportunity to sail and use the Club facilities.  Details of this will be provided at the time.

Once a member you not only have access to our fantastic club house, but can also sail boats from our hire fleet, subject to suitable experience.
If you do not have the necessary experience, or wish to improve your sailing we can also help you with our extensive range of Training Courses.

Membership Types:

  • Family  -  Includes parents or legal guardians and any family children under 18*.
  • Full       -  An individual member.
  • Crew     - An individual member whose sailing is limited to crewing for other members.
  • Student - In full time education and under 23 years of age*.
  • Junior   - Under 18 years of age* and not included in a family membership; must be in the care of a responsible adult member.
  • Social   - As Full or Family but non-sailing.
  • Sailability -
  • Sailability Volunteer - Sailability volunteer who assists Sailability both on and off the water.
  • Guardian/Carer – Fulfills the role of responsible adult for a Junior Member.

* age at 31st August of the previous calendar year

Membership Fees for 2018:

  • Initial Joining Fee - £25.00.

Annual subscriptions for 2018 by Membership classification:

  • Family                     £320.00.
  • Full                          £260.00.
  • Crew                        £189.00.
  • Student                    £87.00.
  • Junior                      £55.00.
  • Social                       £55.00.
  • Sailability                 £55.00
  • Guardian member    £10.00.
  • Winter only              £94.00

Late payment charges apply if rejoining after March 31st or after April 30th

Berth Fees for 2018:

  • Small Berth             £57.00.
  • Medium Berth         £70.00.
  • Large Berth               £84.00 (This includes berths suitable for Cruisers, Keelboats and Catamarans)
  • Super Berth            £120.00. (suitable for multiple boats)
  • Annual Cruiser Mooring for 2018 - £137.00.

Duty Levy for 2018

Each member pays a duty levy of £60.00 per annum.
Members then earn duty vouchers at a rate of £15.00 each which equates to a half day's duty.
Members may then redeem their vouchers against the following years subscription.

Barrier Card

The barrier entry card costs £10.00, which is Non-Refundable. Ownership of a card allows the member to gain access through the barrier without having to wait for it to be opened.


All Boats sailed at Carsington must be Insured for third party liability to a minimum value of £2,000,000.

To join Carsington Sailing Club simply get in touch and we will then assist you.

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