2000 Fleet April Newsletter

New 2000 members!

I am delighted to welcome Cheryl and Andy, who have joined our growing 2000 fleet last weekend with their brand new boat from RS Sailing. Their boat has been set up and finely tuned for maximum performance already.  We are all looking forward to seeing them join us on the water.
Hands off everyone - finger prints are not allowed on their new boat! wink

2000 Training Day - Saturday 21st May

Pencil this date on your diary for our 2000 Training Day.  Our Richard Harvey, the current 2000 Welsh Champion, will be on hand to help to improve your 2000 sailing performance.

Let me know if you want to join in and what aspects you would like to specifically cover during training.

Note if your boat need re-tuning - contact me beforehand to arrange for this to be done. This will help to maximise everyone's training time on the water.

There is also a Social Live Music and Food (curry) in the evening - perfect time to chill out after our hard day of training!

2000 Fleet Captain