2018 Feb Cruiser Fleet Newsletter

2018 Feb Cruiser Fleet Newsletter

The cruiser fleet has been laid-up during the winter so no racing or cruising this year to date. 

We have, of course been busy, along with others, in sorting out and refurbishing the ground tackle for race marks and preparing and cleaning the Committee Boats ready for the new season.

Now that water levels are rising and the South Jetty is again available for launch and recovery we are all looking forward to the start of the racing season.  Several members with Hawk 20s are champing at the bit to get them in the water, similarly the Squibs and Parkers.

We are always looking for new people to join us.  If you have ever wondered about the attraction of big-boat sailing, come out with us on a fine, sparkling, but bracing, Spring day.  You will soon find the attractions of having a day on the water but returning warm and dry.  We met every Saturday in the galley at 10am.

Ian Jenkinson, Fleet Captain, Hawk 20 Sail Number 8