2018 March Cruiser Fleet Newsletter

Despite several, valiant, attempts to get the Saturday Cruiser Frostbite series underway we have been rebuffed by the weather and, in the event, no races actually took place.   

When the club opened in February water levels were just a little too low to allow the South Slipway to be used.  However, the minimum water level (equivalent to 82% capacity) was available by 12 February but, just as we planned to make a start, our Goldilocks’ dilemma arrived.  The wind was just a bit too gusty or there was none at all, then the Beast from the East brought the snow.  We never did find baby bear’s weather when it was “just right”.

However, we haven’t wasted our time and, with members from the Sailing Committee, we have refurbished the ‘old’ Committee Boat and installed a new roof to make it ready for the Open Meetings that will shortly be under way.

We are now hoping for better luck with our Spring Series starting on Saturday 24 March at 11am, 1:15pm and back-to-back.

Ian Jenkinson, Fleet Captain