Commodore’s Good News – March 2018


The season has been a bit sluggish. The weather has not been friendly with snow, ice and bitter east winds. The forecast up to mid-April is for warmer days, not quite summer. Met Office say there is a very low risk of more snow, but I think they are just covering themselves.

Water Levels.

Severn Trent has been pumping water into Carsington. A few days ago the reservoir had reached 92.9%. All Slipways are operational. It has been good to see more boats on the water.


As the clocks have moved forward Wednesday Evening racing has started. It’s good fun and many enjoy a meal and a pint afterwards. The races now start at 6:30pm for the first 2 weeks and at 7:00pm after that (11th April).

Better light also allows Sunday Racing to have two morning races starting at 10:30. The afternoon races start at 13:30.

Reclaiming the Island and Race Hut.

The island has become very over grown. Severn Trent has agreed that we can clear excessive vegetation. Now that the water level is up the island pontoon can be used to get onto the island. Ceri, Tom and Clive have been cleared the area around the Race Hut and it can be used for racing.

Reminder – We need your renewal forms.

If you have renewed by bank transfer or card, please return your renewal form to the office. It allows us to check that our database has your details correct and the CASC info allows us to get rates relief worth £1,000’s. CASC? Ask in the office!

If you have not yet renewed, please do so before the end of March.

Next year we expect renewals to be fully on line. For most members this will avoid the need for the renewal forms. They will still be available if you do not have email.


Gerry Fisher, Commodore