Commodore's News December 2017

Autumn is upon us. Days are getting shorter. Colder and windier weather is more common. It is not all bad news. Thanks to the significant rainfall around Ogston Reservoir for the last few weeks Severn Trent has not needed to draw water from Carsington and our water level, whilst low, has been constant. We may be getting a small rebate on our rent.

Attendance at our AGM was good and we easily achieved the necessary quorum which is an improvement on previous years. Appreciating that working members might need something to eat before the AGM, the MC asked the Galley to serve sandwiches, which went down well. Our thanks to Debra and Sandra. Ceri had been wanting to try new beers in the bar. After the formal AGM members were able to try small samples of different beers. The après AGM was quite a sociable event.

Race II. The evening of Saturday 21st November was dark, wet and very windy. The night was even worse. On Sunday morning we found the new committee boat, Race II, had capsized and was lying with its starboard side resting on the bottom of the bay. Ceri, who was on leave, came in at lunchtime and with Tom and RC Shore, Pieter, righted the boat, towed it to the shore with the tractor, beached it and pumped it dry. Two power boats could not re-float the boat. Following the Commodore’s suggestion Tom used the tractor to swing the bow towards the water and with Ceri’s help re-floated Race II. Why did the tractor not get stuck in the mud? Tom carefully reversed down the Dick Dalton slipway.

After bringing Race II ashore Ceri and Tom dried out the engine, changed the oil and by 6pm got the engine running. Great work Ceri and Tom.

Bonfire Night went up in smoke followed by many a whoosh and bangs as Tom and his team let off the fireworks. Thanks to Debra and Sandra for the food.

The Management Committee needs help with publicity, Youth racing, IT, and event organising. It you think you could help, please contact me or any member of the MC. Contacts are on our website.

Gerry Fisher, Commodore