Commodore's Update February 2018

Carsington Sailing Club has opened after our Winter break. The days are growing longer and over the last week the weather has been kind - warmer with moderate winds. Today, 20th February, temperature was a balmy 10 °C. The temperature is expected to fall next week.

Carsington Water Level is rising. Most, if not all, the mud is covered and cruisers can be launched from the South Slipway. The Dalton slipway, so useful last autumn, is once again submerged. We are pushing Severn Trent to make sure the reservoir is properly filled this year.

Duties have been published on Dutyman for weekends and the early Wednesday Afternoon racing. The rest of Wednesday Duties will be published in the next week or so.

The maximum duties members can book is 4 until 1st April. Details of the Duty Voucher Scheme are on our web site. Four duties are equivalent to the £60 Duty Levy and it gives others a fair crack at booking duties. Any member who has accidentally exceeded the quota will have all but the first 4 reset.

Smoothing Dropped Curbs. There are dropped kerbs near the north, front and south entrances. Although dropped, they have small raised threshold. To help Sailability members, especially those in wheelchairs, we plan to grind the thresholds flush with the roadway.

Looking forward to seeing you this year especially as we now have more water. Carsington Water is now 82% full compared with 70% in December.

Gerry Fisher,  Commodore