Cruiser Fleet newsletter June 2018

The Commodores Cup, Cruiser Race, took place on 16 June.  Despite a limited number of entries the racing was fierce and close in very gusty winds that challenged all entrants. 

Throughout the day the two Hawks were within a few boat lengths of each other and frequently changed position at the front of the fleet.  Given the strength of the wind during the day the advantage was with the boat with the heaviest crew.

This meant that Hawk 008, with a crew of three helmed by Lawrence Key, narrowly won the first two races against Hawk 129, with a crew of two helmed by John Dyson.  However Hawk 129 took a close 2nd place in each race.

As a result, with the first two races having determining the outcome of the cup, the third and final race could be treated as the discard race by the two Hawks.  This time Hawk 008 was helmed by Dave Catermole who, once again narrowly beat Hawk 128. 

The outcome for the others boats in the fleet was 3rd for Squib 280, helmed by Nicky Cockayne, 4th for Parker 03 helmed by Nick Collin and 5th for the Drascombe Lugger helmed by Mr Creswell.

Normal fleet racing takes place each Saturday with an 11am and 1:15pm start time.  We look forward to many more cruisers on the water now that summer has begun.


Ian Jenkinson, Fleet Captain