Data Protection Regulations


Dear Member (s),


Help us Contact You

Some of you may or may not be aware that in order to comply with new EU regulations regarding data protection (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) that come into effect from May 25th, we need all members to confirm their details and specify how they would like us to keep in contact with them.

After 25th May, we will only be able to contact you by the means that you have specified. For example, if you state that you only wish to be contacted by email, we will no longer be able to send postal communications to you, such as your membership renewal and any correspondence relating to the effective running of the club.

We must ask for your expressed consent to enable us to effectively and efficiently run the club within the bounds of the law which governs the running of small businesses. This means therefore unless you can give us your consent to hold your data on the club database (Sailing Club Manager), we don’t feel we could manage the club without this information. For example we need to know who owns the boats within the berths on site and is an important part of the running of the club.

In order to achieve this, the management committee are currently working on the policies and procedures that need to be in place such that we can comply with legislation and remain a legal entity. With this in mind we have published a data protection policy that can be found on the club website. Further to this, you will receive an email soon which will be very important for you to respond to. Please could I ask that you do respond favourably and as soon as possible.  This is so that we can audit those members that will need a postal entry sent out and also give us the time required to ensure we are fully compliant by the time May 25th arrives.

New members information is being captured at the office through the membership form and next year’s renewals will contain the information required for you to tick the relevant box.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter which is new to us as a club and one which we are currently working through to achieve compliance.

Should you have any queries regarding this change then please contact the club office.


Phil Arnold (Vice Commodore)