Easter Monday Family Fun

At the start of the day it turned out to be a cold, damp and a miserable affair, but this soon changed as the festive spirit, the race and competitions took over.

At 12.00 there was a race to the island, with parents braving the high winds to help youngsters rig their boats.
The race was soon underway, and boats were “cracking” along with the duty boat “egging” them on.
Having reached the island the racers “scrambled” up the embankment to find their booty of Easter eggs.
Dashing back they all reached the shore in record time, to claim their prizes; well done to all!

Not to be outdone by the young sailors, at 13.00 the “little uns” frantically raced around the catamaran park searching for cream eggs.
A total of 240 were scooped up in record time, thankfully the egg hiding team had some assistance from two young members.
Not all eggs were in one basket though and all sorts of gadgets were used to store eggs, the best one a chullo, filled to the brim.

This brought us swiftly on to the best-decorated cake and egg competition.
Some fantastic entries were shown making it a very difficult competition to judge.
Not wanting to end up with egg on their faces the judges decided on a draw.

The Easter hat parade was unfortunately a bit of a let down with the only entry from the VC, it was unanimously decided not to be worthy of a price.

Despite the weather it was a fantastic day, and I would like to thank all the members who came out and supported the club.
Also thanks to the Galley for doing the cream teas, Mike Stoker and Ceri Knapgate who were given the impossible task of judging; Tony for serving at the bar, and all parent whom valiantly rigged the boats.
I would also like to thank the Brakes Food Group, who kindly donated the Cadbury’s Cream Eggs.

Pieter ten Have