Future Sailing Committee 2017 / 2018

It is that time of year when the structure of the sailing committee is reviewed because of the new sailing year and the review of fleets to see which have gained or lost fleet status.

The Sailing Committee will comprise:

a)  The Rear Commodore Sailing (“RCS”);

b)  The Sailing Committee Secretary (“SCS”);

c) “Standing Fleet Captains” representing the broad categories of boat that are generally sailed at the Club (i.e. Slow, Medium, Fast Conventional, Fast Asymmetric, Catamaran, Sailability, Cruiser and Youth Training);

d) “Qualifying Fleet Captains” representing classes of boat that are eligible for fleet status due to the frequency with which boats in that class have sailed in the preceding twelve months.

For 2017 / 2018 the 14 different classes of boat are

RS 400




Flying Fifteen


D Zero










These Qualifying fleets will be eligible to elect a Fleet Captain to represent them on the Sailing Committee.

Fleet Captains shall be elected for all these fleets and must be proposed and seconded.

If there are no nominations for Fleet Captain a member of the fleet concerned may volunteer to act as Fleet Captain subject to ratification by the RCS, SCS and the Sailing Committee and confirmation by the Management Committee at their next available meetings.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit formal but the basis is that the Sailing Committee is there to organise sailing activities for the benefit of all Club members. The current members have worked hard at doing this and now we really need a few more members willing to represent their Class and join in and help.

The Sailing Committee meets monthly and have already started planning 2018.The full committee constitution is available to view and we are more than happy to talk about any questions or issues you want to raise.

Phil Munton (Rear Commodore Sailing)

Keith Appleby (Sailing Committee Secretary)