K1 Inlands at Carsington

Saturday 11th October saw nine K1’s revisit Carsington Sailing Club for the K1 inland championships part two. The original championships held earlier in the year in combination with the Streakers ended up in only one completed race due to a decided lack of wind and Carsington had magnanimously agreed to stage a second part later in the year, allowing all original competitors to count their results from the earlier meeting. The day started with a distinct feeling of déjà vu with the wind stubbornly refusing to play ball but the patience of the race officer, who was confident that the competitors would have some wind to play with around noon, paid off and all boats set out from the shore at just before noon with the intention of racing three races backed up before the wind disappeared for the day.

Race one set off in an intermittent force two but shifting around which gave the boats that started at the port end of the line a distinct advantage. Dave Norris led into the windward mark rounding slightly ahead of Bill Jubb and local sailor Alfie Hawksworth. The following run developed into a battle between these three with positions changing a number of times but at the leeward mark Bill Jubb had taken the lead from Dave Norris with Alfie snapping at his heels. By the end of the next beat the positions had reverted to the original rounding with Dave in the lead being closely pressed by Bill and Alfie. By this time the lead K1’s were in with the Streakers and this added an additional factor to the remaining three legs, by the leeward mark all three were overlapped but with two Streakers on the inside and Dave alongside Alfie went wide with Bill just behind him. With a short reach to the finish line it developed into a drag race between Alfie and Dave, but with Dave being forced low by the presence of the Streakers Alfie managed to sail over the top and won by about half a bow length. Dave was second with Bill coming in third and John Shimell coming home to take fourth.

A short delay followed whilst the officer moved the windward mark but the fleet was soon off for the second race and despite the movement of the windward mark the port side was still favoured allowing Dave Norris to round the mark with a considerable gap to Alfie Hawksworth, John Shimell and Alan Russell. The lead that Dave had built on the first beat ensured that his position was not threatened during the race and he finished well ahead of Alfie and John who had had a considerable tussle throughout pressured the whole time by Alan Russell. Alfie eventually came in second with John pushing him all the way.

With Dave and Alfie both counting one first and one second it was all down to the last race. After a short delay whilst the officer tried to amend the course to cater for what by now was becoming a very variable wind, the fleet got away. Alfie and Dave were having a close battle up the first beat which allowed John to take the initiative and the lead. Following a slight incident with Alan Russell, Dave had dropped to fourth and was being pressured by Bill Jubb. Meanwhile John Shimell was building a considerable lead and being chased by Alfie and Alan Russell. With a wind that was shifting and becoming very variable the race finished with these positions, John crossing the line first with a considerable lead followed by Alfie, Alan and Dave. But this was not to be the end, it transpired that John had missed out the last buoy and was subsequently disqualified, moving everyone up one place.

The meeting ended with Alfie Hawksworth taking the Championships and the trophy for the Grand Master and Dave Norris second place also winning the Masters trophy. Alan Russell had improved during the day to take third. This meeting was also the last meeting in the travellers’ trophy and the honours were presented at the prize giving with John Shimell taking the Travellers trophy for 2014 and Dave Norris taking second place.