K1 Open at Carsington

Eight K1s contested the one-day open at Carsington Sailing Club on 31st August, some visitors travelling from Somerset. The day was fine and fresh with a moderate NW breeze which got up to 16 mph with occasional white horses and sunny spells.


Using all the lake and including two long beats the sailors needed to watch the shifts and from the start of the first race Ian Tinker and Alf Hawksworth played it best, until the final beat when David Hume spotted some breeze way out right, and sailed into a big lift which took him to the front where he stayed to the finish. There was generally quite close racing for much of the race. Sadly Simon Jones picked up some weed on the way out and missed the race.

 All the sailors made a good start in race 2, but Ian pulled away nicely, followed by Alf, with John Shimell improving all the time, followed by David, which was how they finished.

In the last race Ian stretched a really good lead with John Shimell improving to second place. But at the last mark John was caught port/starboard by Alf who happily accepted second place; the slight tactical error cost John second place in the event. David was 4th.

 Keith Appleby had the results up on the screen when the sailors came ashore.

Overall: 1. Ian Tinker. No17  2. Alf Hawksworth. No70   3.  David Hume. No30   4. John Shimell. No77  5.  Don Spencer No 53  6.  Bill Jubb No20   7.  Tug Wilson. No31   8.  Simon Jones No75

The Old CodgerTrophy donated by Alf  was presented by Lady Debra de Quarndon.  To Ian Tinker

Thanks to Carsington Sailing club for staging the event and for providing the pontoon out in deep water to enable the weed to be removed and provide a mooring for the K1s over lunch break, it made a world of difference.

Report by Jack Hayhurst      Photography by Judith Hayhurst