Carsington Sailing Club has opened after our Winter break. The days are growing longer and over the last week the weather has been kind - warmer with moderate winds. Today, 20th February, temperature was a balmy 10 °C. The temperature is expected to fall next week.

Carsington Water Level is rising. Most, if not all, the mud is covered and cruisers can be launched from the South Slipway. The Dalton slipway, so useful last autumn, is once again submerged. We are pushing Severn Trent to make sure the reservoir is properly filled this year.

Duties have been published on Dutyman for weekends and the early Wednesday Afternoon racing. The rest of Wednesday Duties will be published in the next week or so.

The maximum duties members can book is 4 until 1st more

2018 Feb Cruiser Fleet Newsletter

The cruiser fleet has been laid-up during the winter so no racing or cruising this year to date. 

We have, of course been busy, along with others, in sorting out and refurbishing the ground tackle for race marks and preparing and cleaning the Committee Boats ready for the new season.

Now that water levels are rising and the South Jetty is again available for launch and recovery we are all looking forward to the start of the racing season.  Several members with Hawk 20s are champing at the bit to get them in the water, similarly the Squibs and Parkers.

We are always looking for new people to join us.  If you have ever wondered about the attraction of big-boat sailing, come out with us on a fine, sparkling, but bracing, Spring day.  You will soon find the attractions of having a day on the water more

Help Needed

In the New Year the Club will need help for Youth Sailing, Social Events and Publicity.

Our Youth members get a great start with the excellent Club training courses, Youth Stages 1,2,3 etc, provided by Carsington Sailing Club. The Youth sailors demand more. They want to improve their skills and equally important they want to have fun with their youth friends. Next year we hope to run Youth Racing every week in the warmer months. We need parents’ help. So if you have young teenagers and would like them to improve their sailing and have more fun, helping with Youth Racing is the best way.


2017 was a great year for Social Events, the highlight being the 25th Anniversary weekend. Gordon did a great job. The Social events are popular and generally cater for all the family. We need a more