Paddle Boarding


Several Club members have been seen having fun Paddle Boarding in the Bay area.
In principle we should support this as Paddle Boarding provides an alternative activity when the weather, as at present, is warm and the winds are generally light. At times so light that sailing numbers have been very low.
Paddle Boards, being light and slow are of little danger to dinghies and our safety power boats. The biggest danger is to the Paddle Boarder who falls into the water. A head in the water is small and not very visible. A Paddle Board without a “helm” may not be very visible and not signal to other water users that there is someone in the water has fallen off into the water.
We need to have a few rules or guidelines, mainly for safety.
1. Before entering the water to paddle a board, windsurfer board or otherwise, the Duty Manger be informed and give permission.
2. The Duty Manager will define the Paddling Area.
3. Swimming is not permitted, other than to return to the board.
4. Buoyancy Aids must be worn, and a leash is recommended.
5. Paddle Boarding should be undertaken as a group.
6. Under exceptional conditions e.g. quite times, the Duty Manage may allow a single Paddle Boarder.
7. Only Club Members may Paddle Board.
Does anyone want to set up a members’ Carsington Paddling Group.
The Group, as well as being social, could organise activities e.g. fun races, backwards races etc. Talk to Ceri, Tom or myself and we will see what we can do to help.
The forecast is that the weather will be warm into October. Happy Paddling.

Gerry Fisher