Sailability – Our Year

We have had a fantastic 2017!! Thanks to our enthusiastic members dedicated volunteer team and sailing club members who have again supported us. Without such help we would not be able to do the things that we do.

The 2017 calendar has been full on with groups taking sailing sessions during most Wednesdays during the summer and autumn months. Again, we have had a visit from The High Sheriff of Derbyshire who accepted our invitation to sail in one of our 303 dinghies. It all helps to keep our sailing club on the map.

A number of our members have equipped themselves with winter sailing gear so with the weather at the start of the year being quite warm we enjoyed a number of days sailing. We hope again to begin sailing early in 2018.

During the summer and autumn, we were hampered by the dreaded weed and low water conditions. Despite these we were able to continue our operation thanks to help from club members and staff keeping the weed down and moving our equipment nearer to deeper water. We are very grateful for all of this help.

Our annual Hansa Travelers Trophy event took place in August and was well attended by boats from many other clubs. For the first time we had all of our boats sailed by our members in the event. The event will be held again in July 2018 and will include a race training day organised by the RYA.

We have a regular presence in the Cruiser racing on Saturdays and the occasional appearance of the Venture Keel in the Wednesday afternoon race series.  Next year we hope to do more.

Like all members of our club we have been affected by the low water levels in fact our members who rely on a hoist to transfer into a boat have not been able to sail since September. We hope to be able to utilise the floating jetty to overcome this issue and you will notice that it now has a hoist located on it and has moved closer to the shore.

We wish to thank all those members who voted for our Aviva project, unfortunately we did not quite get short listed for an award. We will have a go again next year.

We are registered with a “Cash Back” scheme called “Give As You Live”. You can help raise funds for Sailability by making purchases through this scheme. There is no cost to yourself to do this.


Mike Stoker.

We wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and New Year and hope to see you on the water soon.