Sailability News November 2017

Water works wonders

Seems the conversation everyone's having concerns water, or the lack of it. The sailing is great once past the island, but particularly for keel boats, launching is presenting its varied challenges, and is especially difficult for our members who need a hoist to transfer into their dinghy. You'll also notice more of our members wearing dry suits to continue sailing into the winter months, but some have had to stop sailing because our hoists cannot currently be used. We're working on a solution.

Safe n'smart with Bart

Carsington Sailability is on the charts again as our team's work has been recognised by the Bart Simpson Sailing Foundation. We are honoured to have been selected to receive a club safety pack award from Bart’s, consisting of buoyancy aids and spray tops to provide extra kit for our visiting members. Look out for our safe n'smart crews next year.

This award is in recognition of our work within the community in promoting activity and health and well being. How brilliant is that!

Hey, not only Bart's but also Derbyshire Sport. Yes, thanks to our bid writing team we've achieved a generous grant of nearly £1000 to equip our groups with high quality safety kit for when we're on the water. We're choosing carefully the gear to buy to keep our sailors safe and dry.

Expanding the fleet

Wow, there's more news to report on the sailing front. Sadly, one of our members at Sailability has recently passed away, and we gratefully receive a bequest from his family to purchase a brand new Hansa 303.

We're delighted that in the latter years of Mike McMurty's life he's enjoyed special time sailing with a Sailability buddy. We can only say thanks to the family, and to the volunteers who sailed alongside Mike.

Cool heads and good company?

Have you got what it takes to be Sailability volunteer. Can you buddy a blind military veteran on shore and on the water? You'd be surprised!

If you've flexible working patterns, are retired, or between jobs why not consider volunteering. You really need a minimum of three hours, usually on a Wednesday. If you've a cool head and are good with people, you'll soon find a role with us.

Why not chat with one of the team. Ask at the office if you're not sure where and how to find us.

Aviva's Opening Doors Project

Here we have a fantastic opportunity to make our club house more accessible and friendly.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Vote for the Opening Doors project on the Aviva Community Fund website. You can cast 10 votes for our project to get people active, onboard, and in the building.

Just follow the link


It's time... to say... thanks.

We all like a word of thanks, and without support from members of the club, we couldn't function, so thanks to club members for your support and encouragement.

Keith Stubbs

Sailability at Carsington