Windsport Dart 16 National Championships

The Windsport Dart 16 National Championships were held at Carsington Sailing Club on the 22 & 23 September 2012.

Day 1 - 13 Dart 16s, comprising 5 from the Club and 8 Visitors turned up to Race on Saturday morning to be greeted by a fantastic Sailing location and sunny skies. The start of the morning showed promise with the wind going above the 4 knots required to race but as the morning progressed this dropped and following an attempt by PRO John Poulson and PSO John Webster to start a race on two occasions it was agreed to end the racing for the day without any races sailed.

Day 2 – With the wind Gods finally coming out to give us a F2, racing started on time with the decision made by the Race Officer to hold 3 races Back to Back to try and make up for the lack of races the previous day.
Race 1 Started with some fuss on the line with a couple of minor infringements which were quickly sorted. Fionnula Barnes and Victoria Akhurst (CSC)  led the race after the first mark on the windward leeward course, a place they would not lose, despite the challenges of Zoe and Thomas Ager-Lowden(TEYC) who were also being challenged by Club mates Nigel Manning and Julie Hughes for third place. Jonathon Charnock and Bob Sporle(TEYC) coming in shortly behind in 4th place overall, took First place in the Youth fleet.
Race 2: With a quick turnaround Race 2 was underway. Following no change of form Barnes and Akhurst took a lead followed by a determined Ager-Lowden duo. A change in 3rd place saw the leading youth sailors Charnock and Sporle take this spot, taking it away from Manning and Hughes who took the 4th Place spot.
Race 3: With the wind now increasing to a F4-5 for the last race of the day Barnes/Akhurst and the Ager-Lowden pairing maintained the same consistent form and position as they had in the previous two races, with a last minute surge from Tim McNally and Roy Nunn to take 3rd in the final race, elevating them to 5th Overall.
     Carsington Sailing Club has made a promise on Youth development and the Youth results were extracted from the main event and prizes awarded separately. With 7 of the 13 fleet made up of youth entries from Carsington, Bala and Thames Estuary, the racing was just as competitive and showed good prospects for the future. Special consideration should go to Olly Cornforth and Robbie Tute (BCC) who despite showing good form crashed out early with a failed trampoline..
Special thanks to our event Sponsors Windsport and Hartley Chandlery and also to Windsport for supporting the sailors with essential spares throughout the weekend.

Final Results





Sail No.


Fionnula Barnes

Victoria Akhurst

Carsington Sailing Club



Zoe Ager-Lowden

Thomas Ager-Lowden

Thames Estuary Yacht Club



Nigel Manning

Julie Hughes

Thames Estuary Yacht Club



1st Youth

Jonathan Charnock

Bob Sporle

Thames Estuary Yacht Club


2nd Youth

Sam Tute

Matthew Tute

Bala Catamaran Club


3rd Youth

Sam Lieper

Julie Howarth

Carsington Sailing Club


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Simon Gillis for CSC.