We enjoyed a highly successful Guy Fawkes night event on 4th November. Ceri, Tom and their team produced a magnificent firework display and despite recent rain the bonfire also impressed us all, and kept us warm as we watched the pyrotechnics.

Inside the clubhouse was full with many of you enjoying the Galley's fare - thanks to Sandra and Debs for their hard work on the day.

Over the next few weeks we have further social events to look out for:

Children's Christmas Party - to be held on 9th December starting at 4.15pm. Highlights will include party games, music, food and, with luck, a visit from Santa. This is for younger ones (up to 11) although we may try to extend this to older age groups (look out for further information on that one). Please note that parents must call more

Another season draws to a close as Winter approaches, water levels are low, but a few hardy members are still launching from the North slipway.

Most cruisers are now ashore, which will allow Ceri and Tom to do essential maintenance on the moorings.

Many boats in the park look abandoned, I would remind owners to visit and check all is safely stowed for the winter months to come, loose gear has a habit of damaging neighbour's boats, so make sure yours is safe.

We've had a good racing season, although numbers were down due to some of our older members giving up, and low water put others off, though there has been plenty of depth at the North slipway, just a long drive to get there.

Hopefully we'll see a few more on the water next season, it's sad to see so many more

Water works wonders

Seems the conversation everyone's having concerns water, or the lack of it. The sailing is great once past the island, but particularly for keel boats, launching is presenting its varied challenges, and is especially difficult for our members who need a hoist to transfer into their dinghy. You'll also notice more of our members wearing dry suits to continue sailing into the winter months, but some have had to stop sailing because our hoists cannot currently be used. We're working on a solution.

Safe n'smart with Bart more