Help Needed

In the New Year the Club will need help for Youth Sailing, Social Events and Publicity.

Our Youth members get a great start with the excellent Club training courses, Youth Stages 1,2,3 etc, provided by Carsington Sailing Club. The Youth sailors demand more. They want to improve their skills and equally important they want to have fun with their youth friends. Next year we hope to run Youth Racing every week in the warmer months. We need parents’ help. So if you have young teenagers and would like them to improve their sailing and have more fun, helping with Youth Racing is the best way.


2017 was a great year for Social Events, the highlight being the 25th Anniversary weekend. Gordon did a great job. The Social events are popular and generally cater for all the family. We need a more

Sailing Committee Update February 2018

This is the first newsletter for 2018, but the sailing committee continues preparations and the events for the year have been put together and are shown on the calendar. An easy way to keep an eye on what is happening is the “Coming Up” section of the web site home page. The web is up to date with events as we know them. We had an attack on the Forum (don’t worry – no risk to us) and we had to remove it from the web site. It is not used by members so we hope it will not be missed as we have no plans to replace it. This does mean that the section for “Helm / Crew / Buddy wanted” does not work anymore.

The Dinghy and Cruiser series have both started. The dinghy Frostbite series started on 4 February and runs to 25th February and the Spring Series run from 4th March at which point there more

Sailability News February 18

The chances of another busy year for our Sailability group continue to increase as our great Spring and Summer events calendar takes new bookings from Nottingham University Sports Science Students and Ashbourne Parkinson's Group.

Investigating the benefits of sport and activity for people with disabilities, the final term students who are just about to graduate will explore with our members the impact of the sport of sailing on their health and social well-being. It's just one of the ways we are able to connect with local communities.

You might not be aware that the Sailability group continued to meet throughout January and have used the time to plan activities for the new sailing season.

Focusing specifically on improving access to the water and the club house we are in discussion with the Management Committee more