Wednesday Club Racing

Racing on Wednesdays is in line with the Club sailing Calendar and is in accordance with the Sailing Instructions.

For 2013 there will 12 Races in Series 1 and in Series 2 there will be 11 Races

Please note that the first two races of Series 1 and the last 2 races of Series 2 start at 6.30pm.  All others begin at 7.00pm

After racing members can enjoy a freshly cooked evening meal from the Galley.

Getting Started

Racing is in fleets and the starting sequence is 

  1. Mixed Fleet (Medium Fleet, Fast Symmetric and Fast Asymmetric Fleets)
  2. Slow and Junior Fleet
  3. Catamarans

The finish is designated by a blue flag flown with the class flag after which all boats in the fleet are given a finish. Results are calculated using average lap times.

Signing on and off is not required - the signing off sheet is only for notification of retirement or for information of change of boat etc.