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Catamaran Fleet.

The Fleet Captain is Mick Steer who may be contacted by clicking here

At this time of year the Fleet Captain takes on the role for the forthcoming year. If you are interested please contact the Rear Commodore Sailing.

About the Fleet

The Catamaran fleet is made up of boats ranging from the Sprint 15 to Formula 18

The fleet contains single trapeze, twin trapeze, single hander and double hander boats.
A number of the boats either race or sail with an asymmetric spinnaker, which helps increase downwind performance.
All boats in the Handicap Catamaran fleet are in accordance with club Boat Limits.
There are a number of catamaran makes including: Dart, Hobie, Nacra, Hurricane and Prindle.

The Catamaran fleet is split into two sub-fleets based on performance and sailing characteristics, these being the Slow Catamaran and Fast/Asymmetric Catamaran fleets.


Racing consists of three races on Sundays and a Wednesday evening race (light permitting), as well as informal and youth racing on Saturdays.

Catamaran racing is rated under the P.Y. system which assures a fair result for all competitors.



We are very fortunate having a significant number of RYA Catamaran Instructors who not only instruct but also sail and race catamarans themselves. As an official RYA training centre courses in catamaran sailing can be given at any level and it is our suggestion that if this area of sailing interests you, for you to either come along and talk with one of the sailors on ‘cat-alley’ or to book a taster session through the office.

The Club has two Dart 16s and one Topaz 16 for training purposes. 

Junior development.

You will normally see our junior sailors out on Saturdays.

We are in the process of developing our ‘youth squad’ and welcome the opportunity to race with similar groups at other UK clubs.


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Video 1 Cats at Play

Topaz 14 sailors Rob and Pete meet up each week to tweak their boats and to improve their skills.. as founder and only members of the ‘Topaz Cup’ as they call it they are more than happy to have anyone join them regardless of the amount of hulls they have!

Video 2 Team Levy 

Back on the winning streak

Video 3 Rob McPherson

Rob honing his downwind skills barely a year after passing his level 2 dinghy.. who said cat sailing was tricky.