The Tempest is an ex Olympic class 2-man keelboat with a trapeze, and at 22 ft. long is the largest open keelboat at Carsington SC. Fleet members take part in the club racing on Sundays and Wednesday evenings. Some of the fleet members also use their boats for leisure sailing. The regular racing members also compete at National and some at International level, with 5 club boats attending the World Championships at Weymouth in 2008.

The Tempest can be sailed as a trapeze boat with helm and 1 crew or without the trapeze in which case you are allowed a helm and 2 crew members.

The fleet is generally very friendly with a wide range of abilities and members are very willing to assist each other with launching assistance and boat problems when required.

The Tempest fleet hold an annual ‘Last Blast’ open meeting at Carsington at the end of October which traditionally is the last event on the Tempest open circuit.  The Tempest ‘Nationals’ have also been held at Carsington SC.

New Fleet Members

New fleet members are always welcome and if any assistance is required this is usually readily available.