There are a wide variety of boats in the Slow Fleet. Something for everyone, whatever your physical ability, weight and experience.

This includes:

Single Handers – Comets, Lasers, Solos, Bytes, Toppers, Varios, Picos, Optimists

Double-Handers – Comets, Wayfarer, Wanderer, GP14, Enterprise

Details of boats sailing in the fleets and handicaps is given in the Sailing Instructions.

This means that all boats in the Slow Fleet will be able to race against each other from the same start in the Sunday series and Wednesday series. These boats can, of course, race in the Regatta Events, the Club Championship series and the Saturday afternoon General handicap Series. So there is even more opportunity this year to enjoy a variety of race formats, whatever the level of experience of helm and crew.

There are separate starts for novice racers in the Regatta events. Novices are very welcome to enter all other races. This is a great way to learn how to race – hang back at your start and then follow the rest of the fleet round the course, keep well clear of other boats and be particularly careful at the marks. Many experience club helms actually prefer novices to race in this way as your course is more predictable and they can avoid you more easily than if you are just cruising around.


Fleet News and Reports

If you are a novice racer the club recommends that you display “Green Spots” on your hull to identify yourself to other water users and the safety boats. [Green spots are available from the Office.] The green spots enable people to keep an eye on you, appreciate that you might not be fully conversant with the rules of racing and give you more room to manoeuvre. However please do gradually increase your knowledge of the racing rules. The club organizes Training Courses on “Starting Racing” and there is a simple RYA Summary of the basic rules available from the club office.

However the club isn’t just about racing – many Slow Fleet boat owners choose just to sail simply for fun and relaxation.

The Fleet Captain is Alistair Raynard who can be regularly seen sailing his Solo.