About the Laser 

The Laser is a single handed dinghy with three simple, interchangeable rigs. Ideal to take a growing sailor from an Optimist or Topper etc. into a youth class dinghy, or to interchange according to the wind (or experience)!

Starting with the 4.7m2 rig - suitable from around 13years (or 45 to 65kgs), then to the Radial rig (5.7m2) - for ladies and smaller men (or 60 to 80kgs), the standard rig (7.06m2) is the final option for sailors over 70kg. The laser provides a unique step-by-step progression in the same equipment' in the same Class, with the only difference being the sail and lower mast!

Due to its relatively low cost and responsive handling, the Laser dinghy is the most widely-owned small sailing dinghy in the world, and the most popular racing class.

It’s an exciting, yet comfortable boat to sail, simple to rig, easy to launch and suitable for a wide range of sailors.

Lasers  at Carsington

Lasers make up the biggest fleet at Carsington, with about 60 boats in the boat park. Some race, some don’t.

Whether you want to race, do some training, or just cruise, there are plenty of other Laser sailors at Carsington.


Last season the Laser fleet were involved with training provided by the ‘Activate’ project which was completely free of charge and you didn't even need your own Laser to take part!

It's for all abilities - everyone is welcome.

This will continue in 2011, so please get involved.

If you would like any any information about Laser activity at Carsington or you would like to suggest something,

Please click to contact Pauline Woodings - Fleet Captain or telephone: 01629 534206