There are well over 20 2000’s at Carsington. On Sunday’s and Wednesday’s there is usually a good number racing. It is an ideal boat to learn to race in at the Club. You will also see the 2000’s out sailing at other times as there are several members in the Fleet who just prefer to sail.

The Fleet is very friendly and welcoming. There are several members who have been racing the boat for a number of years and who will be pleased to provide advice and assistance on how to get the best out of the boat. From time to time fleet training days are organized to assist newcomers get to grips with sailing or racing the boat. If you are interested please contact the Fleet Captain.

The Boat

The 2000 combines a classic GRP hull and deck molding with a modern asymmetric rig including a furling jib and reefing mainsail. Since its introduction in 1998 more than 2,200 boats have been built.

The 2000 has established an enviable record as a resilient and versatile design; docile and forgiving for novices yet an exhilarating sail for more advanced sailors. 

The 2000 is equally at home on both inland and coastal waters and can be seen in action at throughout the UK and overseas. Racing the 2000 is good fun. Whilst the boat remains easy to handle in most wind strengths it still remains a challenge to get the best out of it. A performer in both handicap and fleet racing, the 2000 provides an easy step into asymmetric dinghy racing. With a 4:1 mainsheet system, helming the boat is a breeze, and the kicking strap and cunningham are both led back to the thwart for quick control. The outhaul cleats under the boom, leaving less clutter in the boat.

For the crew there is a simple jib with furler and an asymmetric spinnaker to enjoy down wind.

For further information on the 2000 fleet please contact Dan Rule, Fleet Captain


2000 Class Association

The Class Association endeavors to promote and further the interests of all 2000 owners, whatever their interests. In particular, it recognizes that not everybody wants to race. Association membership continues to increase year on year and at the end of the 2008-09 season it had over 400 members. Millennium Mutterings, the Class Association newsletter is currently published three times per year and provides news, event reports and tips for setting up and sailing. The Class Association can be contacted via its website.