Youth Sailing and Racing

Youth Sailing and Racing

Youth sailing and racing are considered very important activities within Carsington Sailing Club.
It is an investment, not only in the future of our Club, but also in sailing as a sport. The latter perhaps being the most important as in these early years of learning young sailors in just a short time go through a period of swift development as they grow up and progress through the education system. Many moving on to University and Jobs far away from the Carsington.

Hopefully whilst they have been with us they will have developed a love and interest in sailing which they will always carry with them wherever they may end up. 
We at Carsington in turn will benefit from other Clubs across the country whose young sailors will end up on our shores.

Sailing helps children to grow their confidence by providing them with a degree of independence on the water and encouraging them to make their own decisions. In addition it also provides an environment where they can make new friends and develop team working skills.

Many of our young sailors progress on to become RYA Instructors and in some cases find jobs within the profession.

At Carsington, young sailors have an opportunity to take a variety of official RYA courses with additional Club activities thrown in for good measure to help them improve their skills and technique.
These additional skills clinics will include such elements as Seamanship Skills, Spinnaker and Race Training.

Specific Youth racing at the club is offered on Saturday afternoons, starting with Fun Racing sessions and progressing on to Youth racing series.

As well as the range of activities offered within the Club there are also opportunities for the more ambitious sailors to join sailing/racing squads outside the club, such as Derbyshire Youth Sailing and RYA Zone Squads.

For those who wish for a slightly more relaxed learning curve there is a broad spectrum of courses and activities which are aimed at producing a young sailor with all the skills necessary to follow their own preferred type of sailing at the club; whether this is casual sailing or club racing;  Monohull or Catamaran.

There is a comprehensive section on Training Courses on the website which we would encourage visitors to view if they want a more detailed idea of what is available.

However we would also encourage parents, whether they are considering starting their children in this fantastically rewarding sport, or whether they wish to progress their children's training gained from other clubs, to come and see us at the Club or speak to Cub Manager at the office who should be able to fill you in on all the information you need.