Saturday Club

Saturday Club is open to all Carsington Club Junior members who can sail and wish to practice skills taught in their RYA training courses. Please note that the Saturday Club is for Junior Member Sailors only.

Who runs Saturday Club?

Saturday Club is always led by one of our RYA qualified instructors, to ensure good safe fun.

We also encourage parents to help out and all parents are welcome; please just put on your sailing gear and make yourself known to one of the instructors.

What Does it Do?

It should be noted that Saturday Club is not a teaching course. Instead it is a managed sailing session used to encourage junior sailors to develop their sailing skills by Sailing and having Fun.

Crucial time on the water allows fun exercises to be used, which reinforce training and build on confidence. Exercises such as follow-the-leader, Simon Says, fun mini-races, capsize and dry-capsize practice often form part of Saturday Club.

Boats are regularly doubled-up, which allows us to "cruise" around Carsington in a safe controlled manner, as inexperienced sailors are placed with an experienced one.

Different aspects of sailing are covered, however young sailors must know how to sail, as this is not a training session.

Should there be no wind we have a plentiful supply of oars!!

Most weeks will often finish with race back to shore.

For full details of the course dates and costs please follow the links on the right hand side of the page.