Karaoke Evening

Karaoke Evening

On Saturday 12 November the club staged a Karaoke evening. The event was organised brilliantly by club members Sean and Val.
Many thanks to Sean and Val for your hard work and for providing the karaoke kit at no charge.

There were many hundreds of songs to choose from in specially prepared song books, all lyrics were displayed on a stage monitor, so there was no need to remember them.

Val entertained us with a selection of songs in between slightly less experienced but equally enthusiastic vocalists from the audience.

To complement the karaoke we were entertained by two supporting acts. Club member Brian Howard entertained us with tunes played on the Irish pipes, which incidentally he makes (!) and songs he sang. What talent! Many thanks Brian. 
My brother John again brought along his guitar and played and sang a few folk songs. 

The supporting entertainment was extremely good and very enjoyable. Sean and Val had arranged for a Star Prize for the best act (a recording studio session) which was awarded by Sean’s children to John Stoker for his performance. What a fix I hear someone say!

Everyone who came along thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s musical renditions in addition to the excellent meal of Moroccan Chicken and Apple Pie desert served by the galley. Thanks Sandra and Debs.

The fact that it was such a fabulous evening makes it all the more disappointing that the event was only attended by some 12 people – so where were you all in our time of need!

I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to arrange a Karaoke event to book Sean Fitzpatrick and Val.

Mike Stoker