Youth Advanced Sailing - RYA Stage 3 course 3

Course Type

Youth Advanced Sailing - RYA Stage 3

Dates Run

August 22 to August 24


Wed 22 Aug 2018 09:30am - 01:30pm
Thu 23 Aug 2018 09:30am - 01:30pm
Fri 24 Aug 2018 09:30am - 01:30pm


At least 2 days (or equivalent)

Course Fee

£95.00 per person

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Youth Advanced Sailing - RYA Stage 3 course 3

Course Description

It will be assumed that every student starting this course has already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for Start Sailing Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Having completed Stage 3 you will be able to sail in any direction and rig and launch your boat. Your skills and knowledge mean that you can regard yourself as a sailor, not a beginner.

Youth Stage 3 is considered to be the equivalent of an adult Level 2 qualification; so from here students also have a choice of continuing their training with the adult oriented courses. However almost without exception Youth students continue their training with the Advanced Youth Squad.

In addition to the Stage 3 training you will also be introduced to Racing to allow participants to become involved in Youth Racing on Saturday afternoons.

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Previous Experience

RYA Stages 1 & 2

Boats Used


Booking Information

To book a place on a course please call Marie Stanbrook on 01629 540609, email her or visit the Club in person (Wednesday to Sunday).

Alternative Course Dates

Start-End Dates Course Title
29 Sep 2018 - 13 Oct 20189:30am - 1:30pm Youth Advanced Sailing - RYA Stage 3 course 4