Learn Catamaran Sailing - at Carsington Sailing Club

One, two or even three hulls it doesn’t matter they are all sailing boats and as such, part of the sport that we all enjoy. To sail a dinghy competently you require key skills as taught through the RYA level syllabus. Then through hours on the water practice perfecting these skills you become a competent helm. The same is also true with catamarans, albeit using slightly different techniques.

There is no doubt that catamarans have a very stable platform compared to a dinghy. However they will capsize if heeled over too far or pitch-pole if bow buoyancy is overcome. The combination of stability and light weight means that catamarans offer fast and exhilarating sailing, it is this aspect that attracts new catamaran sailors each year.

The RYA recognises that those wishing to learn to sail a catamaran should take a suitable RYA course to learn these necessary skills. The key issue here is that catamaran qualified instructors are few and far between, resulting in most sailing clubs being unable to offer this type of training.  Carsington Sailing Club has an established catamaran fleet and to ensure that we follow RYA best practice, several RYA instructors (who are also experienced catamaran sailors) underwent assessment and are qualified as RYA Multihull Instructors giving Carsington Sailing Club RYA recognition as a catamaran training centre.

Catamaran training is available on either Dart 16's, or the Topper 16CX for both adult and youth sailors. Both types of boat are fitted with trapezes. Those unfamiliar with trapezing will be shown the technique on shore first.

Experienced sailors, or those with RYA level 2 can choose to have a conversion course. This training can result in an RYA Catamaran certificate, which is handy for proving competence should you wish to hire a catamaran on holiday.

Please check the training program for details of current conversion courses available. These can be booked through the club office. It is hoped to run some catamaran taster sessions later in the year.