The Wednesday afternoon series has continued on an informal basis commencing on 1st November.

This is scored as Wednesday afternoon Series 5

The people sailing have trialed race start times and for the rest of this year Clive has kindly agreed to modify the times of safety coverage.

The water will be available from 1.00 pm for 2 races to be run back to back.

Those sailing are communicating via WhatsApp on a regular basis so do let one of the regular sailors (or the Sailing Secretary) know if you wish to be added to the Group.

If you have the time you are very welcome to come and join in.

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Sailing Committee 2017 / 2018

This time of year the structure of the sailing committee is reviewed because of the new sailing year and there is a review of fleets to see which have gained or lost fleet status.

The Sailing Committee will comprise:

a)  The Rear Commodore Sailing (“RCS”);

b)  The Sailing Committee Secretary (“SCS”);

For 2017 / 2018 the 14 different classes of boat represented are

Rear Commodore - Sailing Phil Munton

Sailing Secretary - Keith Appleby

RS 400 - Vacancy

Solo - John Webster

Flying Fifteen - Vacancy

D Zero - Vacancy

2000 - Vacancy

Laser - Pauline Woodings

Slow - Alistair Raynard

Medium - Gerry Fisher

Fast - more