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Some of you may or may not be aware that in order to comply with new EU regulations regarding data protection (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) that come into effect from May 25th, we need all members to confirm their details and specify how they would like us to keep in contact with them.

After 25th May, we will only be able to contact you by the means that you have specified. For example, if you state that you only wish to be contacted by email, we will no longer be able to send postal communications to you, such as your membership renewal and any correspondence relating to the effective running of the club.

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The Commodores Cup, Cruiser Race, took place on 16 June.  Despite a limited number of entries the racing was fierce and close in very gusty winds that challenged all entrants. 

Throughout the day the two Hawks were within a few boat lengths of each other and frequently changed position at the front of the fleet.  Given the strength of the wind during the day the advantage was with the boat with the heaviest crew.

This meant that Hawk 008, with a crew of three helmed by Lawrence Key, narrowly won the first two races against Hawk 129, with a crew of two helmed by John Dyson.  However Hawk 129 took a close 2nd place in each race.

As a result, with the first two races having determining the outcome of the cup, the third and final race could be treated as the discard race by the two Hawks.  This time Hawk 008 was helmed by more

Carsington Water Level Report, 11 June 2018
Summary:  Water levels are now stable within Carsington being greater than 94% since mid-April.  However, levels are falling at Ogston and the Derwent Group but the most current (April 2018) EA Water Situation Report states that all water sources are better than the Long Term Average.
It is too early to say what the water level will be in November (for a proposed Youth Open Meeting) but records show that mud has been exposed, below the beach level, during 4 of the previous 7 years.
Water Levels are stable at Carsington being greater than 94% since mid-April.

However, water levels are falling at Ogston but this appears to be typical for the time of year

Water levels are high, but falling, across all reservoirs within the Derwent catchment.

 The most current EA Water Situation more